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Greek Course: Official Announcement

As promised, here are the details about my forthcoming Greek Grammar I course. It will be offered at Cary Alliance Church (4108 Ten-Ten Road Apex, NC. 27539). The class will run once a week for an hour and a half. … Continue reading

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Today I went up to the library in order to read Willis Shotwell’s dissertation The Exegesis of Justin Martyr. I finished reading all 150 pages on microfiche. Take away? Justin was influenced by both Hellenism and Palestinian Judaism. This means that … Continue reading

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A New Milestone

Today marked a new milestone in my academic pursuits. To date I have avoided using the microfilm. But there comes a time in every budding scholars work that the relic of microfilm must be undertaken. First, I had to find … Continue reading

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The Power of First Impressions

Last night I settled in for some reading. It was finally time to make some headway on my “Justin Martyr’s Exegesis of the Old Testament” paper. I was reading through the usual background sources when I came to Roger Olson’s The … Continue reading

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A Labor of Love: Before and After

The day before Thanksgiving, my lovely bride said, “I want to make a pie.” I said, ” I LOVE BLUEBERRY PIE!” Mary Beth went to the store and bought everything needed. She didn’t take the easy route. She made her … Continue reading

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Biblical Greek and the Local Church

Many of my friends have read this blog over the past week and have suffered through a number of posts on biblical Greek. I hope I haven’t scared you away from furthering your knowledge of biblical Greek or your desire … Continue reading

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SBL Chicago in Hindsight: A Student’s Perspective

SBL Chicago was quite the experience. I was able to go back to the city where it all started. In 2004 I set out from my parent’s home in North Carolina in order to attend Moody Bible Institute. At the … Continue reading

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Deuterocanonical Books and Beyond

The third and final meeting of the International Organization fro Septuagint and Cognate Studies was held last Tuesday. The topic of study, as I am sure you have already deduced, was “Deuterocanonical Books and Beyond.” Karen Jobes Presiding Robert Hiebert … Continue reading

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Mystery Exegesis and the Meaning of Prophetic Scripture in Justin

T.J. Lang, a doctoral candidate next door at Duke University, presented his findings on Justin Martyr’s exegetical foundations in his Dialogue with Trypho. Lang’s presentation was concise and insightful. The crux of the presentation was what distinguished a distinctly Christian reading … Continue reading

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We’ve Killed Deponency! Where Next?

For many of you, the title of this post will likely make you turn tail and run to another site in order to kill time before vacation starts. I wouldn’t blame you. After all, what is deponency and why should … Continue reading

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