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What Makes a Good Class: The Trifecta

When I began my studies at Southeastern, there was a vague notion lingering in the back of my mind that one day I would like to teach in the college, seminary, or university. This notion drove me to begin evaluating … Continue reading

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Predicate vs. Attribute Adjectives: Robertson Quote

I found this quote to be helpful from Robertson in distinguishing the difference between a predicate adjective and attributive adjective in terms of meaning: The distinction between the attributive adjective and the predicate adjective lies in just this, that the … Continue reading

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The A. T. Robertson “Prayer”

There is a not so accurate Vietnam war movie, which I watched in my youth, that has a rather memorable scene in it. The new recruits are in the middle of basic training. They have been given their rifles. Their … Continue reading

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A. T. Robertson on the Movable ν

I am currently reading through A.T. Robertson’s tome on Greek Grammar and came across this particularly humorous quote: The older N.T. manuscripts are in are in harmony with the κοινή and have the movable ν and ς both before consonants … Continue reading

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My Undergraduate Degree

I just found this link over at Dr. Black’s Blog. While Dr. Black’s alma mater takes pride of place as the best place to go for an undergraduate Bible degree, Moody Bible Institute takes a respectable second. The first paragraph … Continue reading

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Greek Grammar I

I hope to see you tonight at Cary Alliance Church 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM as we begin an exciting journey through biblical Greek Grammar. Tonight we will learn the Greek alphabet, punctuation, accents, and pronunciation. If you can’t be … Continue reading

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Bible Vocab: A Review

I have long searched for a great Biblical Hebrew and Greek vocabulary building app. Sure, many are adequate, some are good but the hunt for a truly great app has eluded me.   Robert Andrew Young’s Shinun app came close. Shinun is only $4.99 and … Continue reading

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Why Study Greek?: An Interview with David Alan Black

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Black on the topic, “Why should I study/teach Greek in the context of the local church?” You can find that interview here.

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Prophetic Faithfulness

In preparation for my class on the Hebrew text of Ezekiel I have been reading through Block’s commentary on the book. I am ~150 pages into his 2 volume work that spans ~1800, so I have just scratched the surface. … Continue reading

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The Mother-in-Law–Jeremiah 29:11 Refrigerator Magnet–Diet Principle

I have been reading Jonathan Pennington’s Reading the Gospels Wisely: A Narrative and Theological Introduction. In chapter 7, Pennington addresses matters pertaining to “Intent,” “Meaning,” and “Posture.” At the conclusion of the chapter he talks about “The Mother-in-Law–Jeremiah 29:11 Refrigerator Magnet–Diet … Continue reading

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