IMG_4151My main interests lie in languages: Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and German.  I also love theology (biblical, systematic, narrative, and historical).  I am currently a PhD student at the Friedrich Alexander Universität, in Erlagen Germany.

ἐνθύμησις means “the process of considering, thought, reflection, idea” (BDAG). The material on this blog will not be directed towards one particular theme. It will cover areas of my life, ministry and study. In essence, what you will find here will be the byproduct of my thoughts from day-to-day and an ever evolving glimpse into my thoughts on various topics or interests through time.

One more note about the blog. The banner for the blog is a picture I took in December 2008 of Wartburg castle in Eisenach. This is where Martin Luther found refuge after the Diet of Worms. It is also where he translated the New Testament into German under the protection of Fredrick the Wise.

3 Responses to About

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  2. Jim says:

    well very cool. i think i’ll add ya to the blogroll.

  3. stepcampbell says:

    I have enjoyed your work. Congrats on the thesis! I was wondering if you are attending SBL? If so, I would love to meet up.

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