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SEBTS Library

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s library does a lot of good things. Sure, it is moderately frustrating that the only have two volumes of the Scandinavian Journal for OT Studies, and sure, they don’t have the journal De Septuaginta (which, as … Continue reading

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Literal and Free Translations

If you have encountered the Septuagint in any formal capacity you are taught to notice whether the translator handles the Hebrew original in a literal or free manner.  Benjamin G. Wright in his article, “The Quantitative Representation of Elements: Evaluating … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need To Say Anything About This?

[I obtained this link via This is what happens when an individual’s special interest becomes the main attraction at Church.  Scripture is isolated and forced to bear a weight that it cannot sustain.

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Translators as Storytellers

As many of you know, I have started my Th.M program studying the Septuagint (Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament).  My initial thought for a thesis is to explore the literary alterations/retelling of the book of Jonah that take … Continue reading

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Making Some Progress

1) I have finished the first two lessons (illustrations and all) of my Ephesians series for the youth this week.  I have one more lesson to complete.  Hopefully I will be able to knock that out this morning/afternoon as well … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: from Augustine’s Confessions

Today’s quote comes from the first paragraph of Augustine’s Confessions. “Magnus es, domine, et laudabilis valde: magna virtus tua, et sapientiae tuae non est numerus.  et laudare te vult homo, aliqua portio creaturae tuae, et homo circumferens mortalitatem suam, circumferens … Continue reading

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An Infected Plant And An Infected Soul

I am an amateur gardener.  I like to work in the dirt, but not too much.  I love to plant a cucumber or tomato plant, watch it take root, shoot up, blossom, and bear fruit.  The first year Mary Beth … Continue reading

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