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LXX Translation of the Hebrew רעע in Jonah

The Septuagint translator handles God’s repentance with great caution. Up until Jonah 3:8, he consistently renders רעע, “evil, disaster, calamity”, with κακός, “evil, bad, trouble”. This stereotypical rendering breaks down in chapter three and four. The chart below contains all … Continue reading

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Art in the LXX Jonah Psalm

Two clauses caught my attention as I began my work in Jonah 2 today. Turn with me in your Hebrew and Greek texts. Jonah 2:4 in the Hebrew text reads:  וְנָהָ֖ר יְסֹבְבֵ֑נִי and the river surrounded me :Jonah 2:4 in … Continue reading

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The Discourse Boundaries of Jonah 2

[Two days ago I posted on the discourse structure of Septuagint Jonah chapters 1 and three (they are parallel). This post continues my work through outlining the macrostructure of LXX Jonah by providing justification for Jonah 2:1-11 as a unit] … Continue reading

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