Daily Scriptures: 365 Readings in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin

Over the past year, I have been working on a volume for Eerdmans with my good friend Matt Fisher. And I am excited to announce that it has been completed, submitted, and officially given a title: Daily Scriptures: 365 Readings in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.

The book consists of readings from the HB, LXX, GNT, and Biblia Sacra. Texts from the New Testament have been paired with those from the Old Testament where the NT authors have alluded to, relied on, borrowed from, shared thematic material with the passage from the OT. And then the pairings are arranged according to a salvation-historical framework. Lexical and parsing aids are provided in footnotes for each language according to statistical frequency (100x or less in HB and LXX; 30x or less in GNT and Vulgata). You can sett an example below

If all goes according to plan, the volume should be available in time for Christmas 2021 so you have a reading plan for 2022 ready to go!

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