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The Modern Minister and the Biblical Languages

Earlier today I read a great post over at biblioskolex entitled Review: The Minister and His Greek New Testament. The post, as it suggests, is a review of A. T. Robertson’s The Minister and His Greek New Testament, a collection of … Continue reading

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Is It Really Worth It? Biblical Languages and the Local Church

Have you ever wondered if it is really worth it to teach the biblical languages in the local church? I’ve taught both Greek and Hebrew in my home church, and at the beginning of every new class, I ask myself … Continue reading

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Forgetfulness: On Learning Languages

I often tell my Greek Grammar students that I was a bad Greek student when I first started learning the language. The story goes a little like this: “When I started learning the language, I didn’t take memorizing the paradigms … Continue reading

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Starting Anew

It’s time. It’s time for a new Bible. I’ve had my ESV since 2004. I bought it when I was a Freshman at Moody Bible Institute. It has been a constant companion since. Over the years, the daily wear and … Continue reading

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Sin in Micah

As I continued my study of Micah, I found a somewhat related point to my previous post. Micah’s accusation against Israel is primarily lodged against her elite: the prophets, priests, and rulers. Let’s take a look at some of the … Continue reading

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Mountains as a Motif in Micah

This Sunday I will be leading our Sunday School class through the book of Micah. Leading is a rather relative term as I’m sure some of the people in the class will have studied the book more extensively than myself. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Teaching New Testament Greek: Thomas Hudgins

Thomas Hudgins, a recent EdD grad from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and freshly minted Greek professor at Capital Bible Seminary, has been sharing his thoughts on teaching the biblical languages. By no means does he claim to have it all … Continue reading

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