Thoughts on Teaching New Testament Greek: Thomas Hudgins

Thomas Hudgins, a recent EdD grad from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and freshly minted Greek professor at Capital Bible Seminary, has been sharing his thoughts on teaching the biblical languages. By no means does he claim to have it all figured out. After all, which of us does? Yet, I believe his thoughts will be of great worth to you. They have been for me. Below is a list of links to his posts in order of publication:

Above all, Thomas challenges each of us to orient ourselves around our students and their needs. We stop thinking that education is about the teacher or about the content alone. We must model Christ in the classroom, be attentive to the needs and learning styles of our students, and stop expecting that students will be internally motivated and inspire a love for the subject which produces internal motivation. Sound like a tall order? Indeed. But our job as educators is not an easy one.

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