Esther: Page One of the Glossa Ordinaria

I thought that I might share a little of the work I have been doing. Below you will find the first 4 of 89 pages of the diglot I have been working on. The first page is of the Glossa. The following four include a transcription of the Glossa text (on the left) and my translation (on the right). The highlighted portion on page two indicates that I am still working on the translation.


Esther-Glossa Diglot Page1


Esther-Glossa Diglot Page2

Esther-Glossa Diglot Page3


Esther-Glossa Diglot Page4

My goal is completely translate through the first 5 chapters of Esther before the end of the semester.

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1 Response to Esther: Page One of the Glossa Ordinaria

  1. John Litteral says:

    This is great! I have been wanting to get a project going for a long time to translate the Glossa Ordinaria. I have translated the gloss on Jonah and have started on Tobit, in which I have the first 2 chapters and the prologue. I am seeking likeminded people who would like to do this. I can get it published and in print. If you are interested in working with me on this project them please let me know. I have some of the groundwork in place and some ideas already developed. As you may know, only very little of the Gloss has been translated into English, Romans, Song of Songs, Ruth, parts of Lamentations, and Jonah. I would love to start an independent series of translations on the Gloss and call it something like Glossa Ordinaria in Translation. Please let me know if you are interested! My email is

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