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Winner of The Letters of Ignatius

Thanks again to everyone who entered to win The Letters of Ignatius – Apostolic Fathers Greek Reader. For those of you who aren’t Vinhn Guyen, I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of the volume at your local Amazon outlet. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Greek Pedagogy by Thomas Hudgins

My good friend Thomas Hudgins has an excellent post that reflects on Greek pedagogy and the abysmal statistics concerning student knowledge and use of the biblical languages after their course of study. I’d encourage you to check it out and … Continue reading

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And the Winner of Strauss’ Commentary on Mark is…

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the drawing for Mark Strauss’ Mark Commentary in the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament. I enjoyed reading your comments. Several of them made me want to simply pick a winner instead of drawing … Continue reading

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Duolingo and German

Recently, I’ve been working hard on learning German. One of the many aspects of my language learning regiment has included the use of Duolingo. Now, there are a number of things to not like about it. First, while we’re told … Continue reading

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Book Giveaway: The Letters of Ignatius- Apostolic Fathers Greek Reader

As a second giveaway,* I’m offering a volume I helped contribute to, The Letters of Ignatius: Apostolic Fathers Greek Reader. To enter, simply comment below. Tell me why you want it or simply say “I want it.” I’ll give you … Continue reading

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Book Giveaway: Mark Strauss’ Commentary on Mark

For the Christmas season, I’d like to thank my readers (and those of you that just happened to stumble upon this post) by giving away a copy of Mark Strauss’ new commentary on the Gospel of Mark. In the interest … Continue reading

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In the Mail: Language for God in Patrsitic Tradition 

I’m looking forward to digging into Language for God in Patristic Tradition. Thanks to IVP for sending it over for review!

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Thoughts on Muraoka’s “With the Publication of NETS”

As I’ve continued to make my way through Biblical Greek in Context: Essays in Honour of John A. Lee, I encountered Muraoka’s essay on the New English Translation of the Septuagint, better known as NETS. NETS has long been recognized … Continue reading

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Balaam’s Donkey and a Play on Words in LXX Numbers 22:27–29

This morning I started reading a bit in Evans’ chapter on Numbers in  T & T Clark’s Companion to the Septuagint where he comments upon the “liveliness of language and style and independence from the underlying Hebrew” (62). One specific feature … Continue reading

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Review of Paul and Mark

My review of Paul and Mark: Two Authors at the Beginning of Christianity for The Religious Studies Review went live this month. If you have a subscription to the journal, you can find it here. Otherwise, you’re welcome to peruse the copy I’ve … Continue reading

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