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April Carnival

It’s time for another carnival. Though it is a meager one, I hope that you will get your fill of fun and revelry. Hermeneutics Matt Emerson has an excellent series on the various methods of biblical exegesis. Emerson provides a … Continue reading

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Septuagint Jonah 1:1-3 and 3:1-3 Compared

Here is another snippet from my paper on the information structure of Septuagint Jonah. This part belongs in my discussion of the book’s macrostructure. Enjoy! [As a side note: I apologize in advance for the formatting of the Greek text. … Continue reading

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Directionality in Jonah

The book of Jonah plays with the concept of directionality. God’s command to arise, “ἀνάστηθι,” is paired with Jonah’s initial complicity in 1:3a, “ἀνέστη,” “and he arose.” This is contrasted with Jonah’s downward movement. He goes down, “κατέβη,” into Joppa … Continue reading

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Jonah and Nineveh or Nineveh and Sodom

Here is a footnote [and by footnote, I mean a full page that will probably get cut out but saved for a more relevant paper] from my forthcoming paper [and by forthcoming, I just mean my term paper] on the … Continue reading

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The Travesty of Translation

Okay, the title of this post might be overstating my case a bit, but I find myself growing ever so weary of Septuagint Jonah’s translator. Overall he does a rather fine job. But some of the literary artistry is destroyed … Continue reading

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