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Youngblood’s Commentary on Jonah: Initial Impressions

Yesterday, my pre-ordered copy of Youngblood’s commentary on Jonah arrived. I couldn’t help but start reading it immediately. I’m already through the introduction, and I can honestly say that Youngblood does not disappoint. Here are some of my thoughts so … Continue reading

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Absence and Lexham Bible Dictionary

I wanted to make a brief apology to my readers. Last week I contracted with Logos to write some articles for the Lexham Bible Dictionary. Almost all of my time has been diverted from Latin, Greek, Jonah, and blogging in … Continue reading

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Translation Tuesday: Chrysostom Week 5

Remember, although I attempted to provide a footnote for all words used 20x or less in the New Testament with a gloss, I may have missed some. Also, you may not know all words used more than 20x in the … Continue reading

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On Unhelpful Comments in Commentaries

I have no desire or intention to call anyone out by name, but I do want to express my frustration with a particular commentary I was using this evening. I can’t speak to the quality of the commentary as a … Continue reading

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Great Books for a Great Price

All these books just came in from CBD. Total cost? $20 (including shipping). I love a good deal on books!

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Phyllis Trible’s “Two Women in a Man’s World”: A Brief Summary

Trible observes that after the deaths of Elimelech, Mahlon, and Chilion, Ruth and Naomi take their futures into their own hands. They each have a choice to make. Ruth chooses to live out her days in Bethlehem. Orpah eventually, on … Continue reading

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Augustine on the Validity of Many Texts (LXX and MT)

Here is an excerpt I found from Augustine’s City of God that pertains to the church’s use of the Greek Old Testament and the Hebrew Old Testament. For many modern Christians, the discussion between these texts is an either or proposition. … Continue reading

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