Striking a Balance: On Memorizing Scripture

As many of you know, I have been memorizing the Greek text of Philippians (NA27). As of this morning, I have memorized Philippians 1:1-19. It has taken me about a month to memorize these 19 verses. Though the holidays served to delay the process, I started to realize another factor has been at work: I spend a bit too much time reviewing.

Instead of adding new material on a daily or bi-daily basis, I find myself stuck in a rut. I will spend my 30 minutes rehearsing what I have already memorized in order to “firm up” the verses I have memorized. This is good, and necessary. Without constantly rehashing old material, time will eat away at the progress I have made. But too much rehashing is just as much an enemy. Time is wasted, and frustration creeps in.

For this reason, I am going to try and add a new verse every other day. Off days will be used to “firm up” previous memory work. On days will be spent only on new material. Hopefully this will be a better balance. I’ll let you know.

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