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If You Want to Learn…Teach

Last night the Cary Alliance Hebrew Grammar II class met for another grueling lesson.  My three students (Christine Davies, Rodney Harvill, and Ingrid Sprecher) learned about pronominal suffixes on the verb.  For those of you unfamiliar with Hebrew, this means that you … Continue reading

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My wife sent me this comic in order to enlighten me as to what my future holds.  Thanks love!

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On America and the Church

I couldn’t have said it better than Adam Parker over at Bring the Books.  Here’s a quote from his article entitled, “If I Were the Devil…,” to whet your appetite: I can think of someone I would attack if I … Continue reading

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The Miraculous in Modernity

Here is one of the best Chesterton quotes I have come across to date.  It is as applicable today as it was when he penned it. An imbecile habit has arisen in modern controversy of saying that such and such … Continue reading

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Another Chesterton Quote

I found that this illustration provided by Chesterton to be rather lucid, as it most certainly applies to my relationship with Mary Beth. Perhaps the most everyday instance of this point is in the case of women; and their strange … Continue reading

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Last night in German class we learned about the German season known as Fasching.  It is a celebration that lasts from 11/11 at 11:11PM until the start of Ash Wednesday.  One of Mary Beth’s friends just experienced her “first” Fasching and … Continue reading

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An Entirely Serious Post

There has been a great deal of discussion concerning the “masculine feel” of Christianity.  I thought it was about time to weigh in on that conversation. Turn with me to Genesis 4:3-7.  Here we find two brothers, Cain and Abel, … Continue reading

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Touched By A Leper

Yesterday I began reading Mark’s Gospel, and I was struck by how he recounts Jesus’ act of healing the leper in 1:40-44. Mark writes: And a leper came to him, imploring him, and kneeling said to him, ‘If you will, … Continue reading

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Chesterton on Marriage

At this stage I give only one ethical instance to show my meaning.  I could never mix in the common murmur of that rising generation against monogamy, because no restriction on sex seemed so ood and unexpected as sex itself.  … Continue reading

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Christian hymns and literature make mention of Calvary.  We know Calvary as the place where Christ was crucified.  I may be showing my ignorance here, but I always thought of the word simply as a proper noun…simply put, the name … Continue reading

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