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So You Want to Learn German?

After about a week and a half of being in Germany, I thought I would offer some quick, sophomoric tips on how to improve your German. Immersion is the best way to learn. And it isn’t just about the fact … Continue reading

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Struggling to Remain Disciplined

Yesterday I went up to Southeastern’s library in order to put the finishing touches on my Annotated Bibliography.  While I wouldn’t say that intellectual rigor was necessary for this project, discipline certainly was.  Day in and day out I read … Continue reading

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Making Some Progress

1) I have finished the first two lessons (illustrations and all) of my Ephesians series for the youth this week.  I have one more lesson to complete.  Hopefully I will be able to knock that out this morning/afternoon as well … Continue reading

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An Endless Source of Articles

Did you know that there is a place on the internet that you could read articles on just about any topic?  Did you know that most of the articles written on this site are written at a level that most … Continue reading

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An Engrained Tendency

I have an iPad. I also have Accordance for the iPad. This combination for biblical studies is a force to be reckoned with. Currently I carry the following around with me virtually everywhere I go: KJVA, ESV, NET, NIV, ASV, … Continue reading

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Last night in German class we learned about the German season known as Fasching.  It is a celebration that lasts from 11/11 at 11:11PM until the start of Ash Wednesday.  One of Mary Beth’s friends just experienced her “first” Fasching and … Continue reading

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