Struggling to Remain Disciplined

Yesterday I went up to Southeastern’s library in order to put the finishing touches on my Annotated Bibliography.  While I wouldn’t say that intellectual rigor was necessary for this project, discipline certainly was.  Day in and day out I read anywhere from 5-15 journal articles, prefaces/introductions to commentaries, and “about” pages for major peer reviewed journals.  All of this has allowed me to become generally acquainted with the field of Septuagint studies.

Yet, now that the class has come to its inevitable conclusion I am being seduced by the temptation towards slothfulness.  Discipline is hard thing to maintain.  I have always been capable of disciplining myself over a short period of time.  Endurance is where I tend to falter (take for instance the poor 5k run I had two weeks ago).

Nevertheless, I press on.  The rest of this summer will be structured around preparation for a doctoral seminar on Hermeneutics and learning German.  It is time to make some modicum of progress in this language.  Too many excuses for too long.

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