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What has been going on with me these days. Well, to start off, I’ve finished the writing of my thesis. Here’s me, my beard in all its glory, and a look at how long the thesis is (fyi I printed … Continue reading

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Last night I was told that I looked like a younger version of Richard Schiff from the West Wing. I’m not sure if his beard is quite as epic as mine, but I’ll take it.

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John Brayan: Three Little Pigs

Via my mother-in-law:

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Decker’s Grammar: A Follow Up Part II

This post will focus on one of the features of Decker’s Grammar which I have thoroughly appreciated. If you have flipped through the text, you will notice that there are a number of “side-bar” discussions. I have found these discussions, … Continue reading

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German Phrase of the Day

Es regnet Bratwürste! -April Wilson, German Quickly Das ist alles.

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3 Year Blogiversary

Yesterday this blog turned three years old. Accordingly, I thought I would give you a look at the three most viewed posts on the blog: 3. Elijah Christopher Cerone 2. What Happens When Dad Studies the OT? and . . . … Continue reading

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Recap of September–Novemeber

What I’ve been up to since the beginning of September: Completed a Greek reader of Ignatius’ letter to the Smyraeans. Completed a Greek reader of 1 Clement. Wrote over 90 pages for my thesis. On that note, I should mention that … Continue reading

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Pleonastic Pronouns: An Example from Genesis 1:11

For those of you familiar with Koine Greek, you may have come across the word pleonasm or pleonastic. The word is derived from the Greek term πλεονασμός, which means “superfluous, unnecessary, redundant.” The term is most often applied to participles in New … Continue reading

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Decker’s Grammar: A Follow Up

In my previous post, I mentioned that Decker’s introductory grammar to Koine Greek is large, outweighing even Wallace’s Beyond the Basics. Now that I’ve read the introduction and the first two chapters, I thought I should provide a follow up post … Continue reading

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