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New Book: 1 & 2 Clement Greek Reader

I’m excited to announce that my (Shawn Wilhite’s, Jason Andersen’s, and Michael Haykin’s)  1 & 2 Clement Greek reader has been released. I had the pleasure of doing the Greek notes for 1 Clement, editing, and type-setting the volume. Here’s … Continue reading

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Δεσπότης and the New International Dictionar(ies) of New Testament Theology

Are there significant differences between the first edition of the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology edited by Colin Brown and the revision by Moisés Silva? In doing some preliminary study of δεσπότης, I’ve pulled up various theological dictionaries and … Continue reading

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Epistle vs. Letter

I found Deissmann’s comments in Light from the Ancient East concerning the differences between and epistle and a letter to be very insightful. This quote is taken within the context of a discussion of the non-literary papyri that contains a host … Continue reading

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Logos and German Translation

Lately, I have been translating a lot of German. I have a number of tools that I use when trying to understand tricky passages or unfamiliar vocabulary. You might think that discovering the meaning of a German word used within … Continue reading

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German Theological Vocabulary

Since I have been doing a considerable amount of translation lately, I thought it was time to start working on a toolkit of my own in the fashion of the Wayne Coppins’ German-English Dictionary. As I have been translating, I … Continue reading

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Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories

If you’re a student of Biblical Hebrew, there’s not much more to say than buy this book! There’s no way around it: learning a new language requires regular vocabulary acquisition and practice. Otherwise, as the authors rightly note, “beginners who … Continue reading

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Lexham Discourse Handbooks

The Lexham Discourse Handbooks have just been published. This project was a collaborative effort between Steve Runge, Kris Lyle, Rick Brannon, James Lanier, and myself. My contribution was to write—most of—the 1 Thessalonians volume. You can learn more about the project and … Continue reading

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