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Chrysostom’s Got Style

I picked up this volume of John Chrysostom’s homilies on Philippians at SBL this year. The text is a diglot (the original Greek text is on the left page; the English translation is on the right). I recently finished translating … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Espresso Baltimore

Thanks go out to Dr. McKenzie for introducing me to the Sidewalk Espresso Cafe. Now that I am about to leave Baltimore, I can let the secret out of the bag. This is the place to get coffee. Their Ethiopian … Continue reading

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IOSCS Session 1

The first seminar I attended today was the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies. I would like to bring your attention to three of the presentations: Miika Tucker, Ben Johnson, and Chris Fresch. Miika Tucker Miika Tucker’s topic for … Continue reading

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Scripture And Hermeneutics Seminar 2013

This evening I attended the 2013 meeting of the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar. The topic of discussion: A Manifesto for Theological Interpretation. Three presentations were given. Southeastern’s own, Dr. Heath Thomas, gave the first presentation. Heath Thomas Dr. Thomas’s topic … Continue reading

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Esther: Page One of the Glossa Ordinaria

I thought that I might share a little of the work I have been doing. Below you will find the first 4 of 89 pages of the diglot I have been working on. The first page is of the Glossa. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Teaching New Testament Greek: Thomas Hudgins

Thomas Hudgins, a recent EdD grad from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and freshly minted Greek professor at Capital Bible Seminary, has been sharing his thoughts on teaching the biblical languages. By no means does he claim to have it all … Continue reading

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New Additions to the Library

The following titles were added to my library yesterday: David Alan Black’s, The Authorship of Hebrews: The Case for Paul Michael Scott Woodward’s, The Glossa Ordinaria on Romans N.T. Wright’s, Paul and the Faithfulness of God Jan Joosten, Collected Studies on the Septuagint I … Continue reading

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Greenlee’s The Text of the New Testament: A Brief Review

So you want to learn about the field of New Testament textual criticism, but the task seems daunting. The vast number of manuscripts, the task of reconstructing the Word of God, and the subjective decisions that must be made on … Continue reading

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Paul and the Faithfulness of God

My copy advanced copy of Paul and the Faithfulness of God has shipped. When I ordered the book, I was hoping to finish the previous volumes before the newest arrived. Needless to say the demands of the semester have prevented that. Here’s … Continue reading

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Becky Black

Last night I was at Becky Black’s visitation. The entire time I was there I couldn’t help but reflect on what I knew of her and how she lived as a humble and godly example of a life lived out … Continue reading

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