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Decker’s Grammar: First Impression

Dr. Decker’s Reading Koine Greek came in this evening. My first impression is “Wow.” I’ve placed it beside Wallace’s Beyond the Basics and Black’s Learn to Read New Testament Greek for comparison. Though Wallace may have more pages, Decker “outweighs” … Continue reading

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E Got A Tattoo

To show us all how excited he is about the release of Logos 6, my 16 month old son got a tattoo.

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A Lesson in “Loving” Too Much

Recently, I picked up the Loeb edition of Herodotus’ The Persian Wars on Logos. After all, I got it on prepublication for $4. It would have been crazy not to … In today’s reading, I encountered a narrative about Candaules, Gyges, and … Continue reading

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Runge on a Roll

If you are interested in biblical Greek, you should check out what Steven Runge has been up to these days. Brian Renshaw recently interviewed him about his new High Definition Commentary on Romans. You can check out both parts of … Continue reading

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Logos 6 Is Here

Logos 6 launches today, and I can honestly say that I have been waiting for this day to come. Having worked alongside a number of people involved in curating the cultural ontology, septuagint syntax graphs, and psalms data sets, I can say … Continue reading

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Looking Out Our Window in Bellingham

My good friend Thomas Hudgins posted a photo of his view of Rome from his hotel room. I thought I’d show him up . . . . Rome has nothing on wet, grey, dreary, Bellingham. Don’t you agree?

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My Morning Reading

Keeping up with the languages you “know” and trying to begin work on a new one is taxing. All I need now is to get a Hebrew New Testament …

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