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Beard Status: 3/5 Done

Well, I finished writing and revising the first three chapters of the thesis. That makes two remaining chapters. I thought I would give you all a look at the status of the No Shave Thesember.           … Continue reading

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If You’re in Paris…

I was recently made aware of this series of taking place in Paris spanning November of 2014 until April 2015. The lectures will bring together all the major contributors to the series La Bible D’Alexandrie. Philippe Hugo’s lecture, “La culpabilité de David et … Continue reading

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The Modern Minister and the Biblical Languages

Earlier today I read a great post over at biblioskolex entitled Review: The Minister and His Greek New Testament. The post, as it suggests, is a review of A. T. Robertson’s The Minister and His Greek New Testament, a collection of … Continue reading

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Semantic Anachronism: An Example from Acts 7:58

Most of you are likely familiar with Carson’s work Exegetical Fallacies. If you are not, then please become acquainted with it. Within Exegetical Fallacies, Carson talks about the fallacy of “semantic anachronism.” Carson writes: This fallacy occurs when a late use of … Continue reading

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No more reading the NT in English, please.

Originally posted on Abbey House Sojourner:
Last week I had a meeting with my doctoral supervisor. This was our first meeting since I finished the MA portion of my program, even though I’ve been working with him for a year…

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QOTD: Jacques Ellul

What Jonah finds is also what he sought when he looked for a place where God would not be. And one might show the irony of this kind of answer, which we can sometimes get too. Jonah really wanted to … Continue reading

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In the Digital Queue: Lila

Last night I noticed that Marilynne Robinson’s newest novel was available for preorder (Oct 7). This is the third novel of Robinson’s set in the fictional town Gilead. I loved the previous two, Gilead and Home, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to … Continue reading

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