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Translation as Interpretation: A Brief Look at Hosea

A mantra among many Septuagint scholars is that all translation is interpretation. Few scholars would disagree with this notion. Many will disagree with the degree of interpretation that takes place in a translation or what constitutes significant interpretation. But few … Continue reading

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New Knowledge: An Alienating Force

[[This message has been approved by the family matriarch: ἀγαπῶ σε]] My wife loves storytelling. For those of you who know her, you know that she has a flair for the dramatic. Hyperbole, she knows well. Brevity, she does not. … Continue reading

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A Hebrew Class Update

The Hebrew class has done it again. We have completed another book. Each week we get together and sight read from a select book of the Bible. A few months ago, we completed the book of Jonah. This morning, we … Continue reading

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Recent Acquisition: Greek Accents

Last week was another humbling experience. Again I learned how little I know when it comes to Greek. I sat in on one of this semester’s Septuagint classes. The assignment was to translate an English passage into Greek (and Hebrew). … Continue reading

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Barth on Self-Defense

I have often struggled with the idea of owning a gun as a means to protect self, home, and wife. The concept of self-defense is a given in today’s secular and Christian culture. We, as Americans and as Christians, are … Continue reading

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Final Paragraph of Robertson’s Main Text

It is certain that no words known to man are comparable in value with those contained in the N. T. Despite all the variety of diction on the part of the reporters, probably partly because of this very fact, the … Continue reading

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