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Today I went up to the library in order to read Willis Shotwell’s dissertation The Exegesis of Justin Martyr. I finished reading all 150 pages on microfiche. Take away? Justin was influenced by both Hellenism and Palestinian Judaism. This means that … Continue reading

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The Power of First Impressions

Last night I settled in for some reading. It was finally time to make some headway on my “Justin Martyr’s Exegesis of the Old Testament” paper. I was reading through the usual background sources when I came to Roger Olson’s The … Continue reading

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Graduation Day!

Today was graduation day for my Hebrew Grammar I and Hebrew Grammar II class. Today marks the conclusion of a class that Nathaniel Cooley and I began one year ago. We started with around 7-8 students. We have ended with … Continue reading

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New News

Recently, I have been away from the blog and the blogging world.  Mary Beth and I have been in the process of doing some remodeling at home.  I was finally motivated to start the sheet rocking process for our new … Continue reading

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If You Want to Learn…Teach

Last night the Cary Alliance Hebrew Grammar II class met for another grueling lesson.  My three students (Christine Davies, Rodney Harvill, and Ingrid Sprecher) learned about pronominal suffixes on the verb.  For those of you unfamiliar with Hebrew, this means that you … Continue reading

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