Today I went up to the library in order to read Willis Shotwell’s dissertation The Exegesis of Justin Martyr. I finished reading all 150 pages on microfiche. Take away? Justin was influenced by both Hellenism and Palestinian Judaism. This means that he employed both Hillel’s exegetical rules and the popular interpretive method of allegory. All these methods are to be understood as functioning in service of his Christo-centric understanding of Scripture.

I came home to find that Amazon had arrived. I hope everyone likes their Christmass presents this year. I know that my wife will love the Fire Pit I bought for the deck. This might be one of those gifts that we don’t ever get around to wrapping because we want to open it up and put it to use immediately. What could be better than brining a camp fire feel to your back yard?

Now I am sitting down to a NC State basketball game while I prepare for Hebrew class tomorrow. I need to make a vocabulary quiz, read ahead in our syntax book, and translate ahead in both Judges and Ruth.

What’s on tap for tomorrow. Well, I provided another pic for you. Here are 34 resources I need to make my way through. I have reviewed about 6 so far…only 28 to go. Even with all these sources, I don’t think I will be equipped to write this paper. Oh the woes of not knowing French and German. So many more relevant resources would be available!

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