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Today I went up to the library in order to read Willis Shotwell’s dissertation The Exegesis of Justin Martyr. I finished reading all 150 pages on microfiche. Take away? Justin was influenced by both Hellenism and Palestinian Judaism. This means that … Continue reading

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Mystery Exegesis and the Meaning of Prophetic Scripture in Justin

T.J. Lang, a doctoral candidate next door at Duke University, presented his findings on Justin Martyr’s exegetical foundations in his Dialogue with Trypho. Lang’s presentation was concise and insightful. The crux of the presentation was what distinguished a distinctly Christian reading … Continue reading

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Justin Martyr: Laws Concerning Food

I believe that I finally picked a topic, or rather interpreter, for my upcoming term paper in “Pre-Reformation Interpretation of the Old Testament.” Justin Martyr. As many of you know, Justin was an apologist of the Early Church writing around … Continue reading

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