3 Year Blogiversary

Yesterday this blog turned three years old. Accordingly, I thought I would give you a look at the three most viewed posts on the blog:

3. Elijah Christopher Cerone

2. What Happens When Dad Studies the OT?

and . . .

1. Greek Grammar Students Won’t Believe What’s Now Available . . .

If number one isn’t proof positive that click bait gets hits, then I don’t know what is.

Here’s to three years and many more!

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6 Responses to 3 Year Blogiversary

  1. Charles Bauserman says:

    How’s it going, Jake? 🙂

    • jacobcerone says:

      Things are going quite well. I’m enjoying the cool Bellingham weather and writing away. Hoping to crank out the rest of this paper soon and then move on to writing some related journal articles.

      How about you?

      • Charles Bauserman says:

        Good Lord, it’s everything I can do just to keep reading and writing something. And trying to find a job on top of that… Yikes.
        The cold’s coming down here to Texas too, but nothing like what I’ve been seeing for the weather reports up there.
        God bless your efforts, good Jake.

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