Starting Anew

It’s time. It’s time for a new Bible. I’ve had my ESV since 2004. I bought it when I was a Freshman at Moody Bible Institute. It has been a constant companion since. Over the years, the daily wear and tear has taken its toll:

photo 4

photo 3

The only reason it lasted this long is because I use my Greek and Hebrew Bibles more frequently. There are times, though, when I teach through large passages of scripture, only have a week to prepare, and it is impractical to translate the whole passage. Instead, I will read through the text several times and make notes throughout:

photo 5This allows me to note connections, note the divisions, and note the pertinent elements. Then I teach from these notes. The great thing about this is the fact that when I return to the text a year later, I am able to see my notes at a glance. Sadly, I will be starting over anew:

photo 1

photo 2I know, I know. There are programs. As a matter of fact, I have Accordance. It is on my computer and my ipad. It is great for taking notes. I won’t ever lose them. Call me antiquated, but there is something lost in digital notes. You have to know where they are. You have to call them up. Writing notes on the page, underlining specific passages, drawing lines, making connections, and being able to see it all at a glance cannot be duplicated.

Now I have a Bible that will better accommodate the space needed to take effective notes. Though, let’s be honest, there is never enough space. Now, before I sign off, let me be clear about something. This isn’t a plug for the ESV journaling Bible. This isn’t an endorsement. Christians have far too many Bibles and don’t read them enough. Buying a new one isn’t going to make you read it anymore than you already do now. Simply put, mine was falling apart and it was time for a replacement.



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3 Responses to Starting Anew

  1. Dan O. says:

    “Call me antiquated, but there is something lost in digital notes…… and being able to see it all at a glance cannot be duplicated.” I agree with you 100%.

  2. Dave Black says:

    Did you ever consider rebinding it? I’ve gone through 4 bindings with my Greek NT. Can’t seem to part with it 🙂

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