Prophetic Faithfulness

In preparation for my class on the Hebrew text of Ezekiel I have been reading through Block’s commentary on the book. I am ~150 pages into his 2 volume work that spans ~1800, so I have just scratched the surface. Anyways, I would like to share a quote from Block on Ezekiel 3:16-21.

The messenger of God is called not to success but to faithfulness. This principle, announced earlier in the commissioning account, is hereby reiterated with much greater force. Sentimental standards of fairness object when a negligent sentry is held responsible for the death of the wicked, but is not credited when lives are saved because of his faithfulness. But this problem arises from a fundamental misconception of the role of the prophet. The prophet’s call is not to “save souls” (which is God’s affair), but to proclaim the message he receives from the divine Commissioner. Faithfulness in service is measured not by effectiveness but by fidelity to the divine charge.

Likewise, the divine charge given to every minister of the Gospel is to faithful deliver the Word of God to his congregation and to the lost and dying world.

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