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LXX Pentateuch, Clitics, and Larry Perkins

Yesterday was the first IOSCS (International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies) seminar of the conference. This session, and subsequent sessions like it, is what I have been looking forward to. Dr. Larry Perkins presented on the interpretive significance of … Continue reading

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The Theological Significance of Wirkungsgeschichte/Reception History

Yesterday morning I stumbled into the “Theological Interpretation of Scripture Seminar” on “The Theological Significance of Wirkungsgeschicte/Reception History. I knew that Stephen Fowl would be good, but did not realize that I was in the company of a number of … Continue reading

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Where to Set the Bar in Biblical Languages

Yesterday evening I sat in on the Applied Linguistics for Biblical Languages Seminar. The Q&A panel addressed where to set the bar for biblical languages. I was thrilled to know a conversation was taking place advocating higher standards. But what … Continue reading

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A Manifesto for Theological Interpretation

Last night was the annual meeting of the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar. For those of you that are unfamiliar, this seminar is part of the Paideia Center and is responsible for works such as “Behind the Text,” “After Pentecost,” and … Continue reading

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Some Fun With the Biblical Languages: Give Away Contest

If you have ever felt the need to translate pithy phrases into Biblical Greek or Hebrew, then you will understand this post. See how many you can translate. I dare you to not be hungry when you finish! 1) ζηθι … Continue reading

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