Some Fun With the Biblical Languages: Give Away Contest

If you have ever felt the need to translate pithy phrases into Biblical Greek or Hebrew, then you will understand this post. See how many you can translate. I dare you to not be hungry when you finish!

1) ζηθι מנ

2) βαβα βα βα βααα εγω ειμι αγαπησας αυτον

3) εστιν ΒΩ καιρος

4) φαγετε μαλλον ορνιν

5) εχετε αυτον ὁδον σου

6) ὁ δακτυλος ὁ επιλειχος ὁ καλος

7) ὑποοδον, φαγετε γλυκυς

8) συναγαγετε περι καλον λογον

9) ερχεσθε νειστεις, απερχεσθε μακαριος

Email me with your answers at and win a free copy of Dr. Black’s Using New Testament Greek in Ministry: A Practical Guide for Students and Pastors.

Some Ground Rules

1) Competition ends December 1st

2) Please do not post answers in the comments section.

3) You are free to post your own translations of other slogans in the comments section.

4) At the end of the competition I will post the answers.

5) If there are any ties, I will draw your name out of a hat…or maybe have you translate a section from Justin Martyr so I don’t have to do it…

I look forward to hearing from you!

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