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A Confession

At the end of my last semester at SEBTS I took up Dr. Black’s challenge to be in the languages everyday.  He promised that translating at least two verses a day would remarkably improve one’s ability to read and understand … Continue reading

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Paul Was not Crucified for You, Was He?

My day began with a conversation with a close friend about the persistent nature of Christian jargon, it just won’t go away.  Even when one phrase is relegated to a bygone age a new turn of phrase is quickly coined … Continue reading

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“Interlinearity in 2 Esdras: A Test Case”

I have two important words for you today: isomorphism and anacoluthon. Isomorphism “equal/same form,” as it applies to our subject of interest (you’re right, my subject of interest), is the method of translation that seeks to render form for form. … Continue reading

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“Reconstructing the OG of Joshua”

Now, which of you took a look at the title of this post and said, “that sounds like a revetting topic of study?”  Me neither.  The first half of the article was excruciatingly boring and difficult to follow.  Granted, this could have been … Continue reading

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“The Hermeneutics of Translation in the Septuagint of Genesis”

Robert J. V. Hiebert, one of the translators of the book of Genesis in NETS, walks his reader through his translation decisions in Genesis 17.  As I have previously mentioned, the NETS adopts an “upstream” method of interpretation.  Hiebert concedes … Continue reading

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“Contemporary Translations of the Septuagint: Problems and Perspectives”

Wolfgang Kraus has provided his reader with a brief guide through the available translations of the Septuagint.  He focuses on their guiding methodologies which lead to certain strengths and weakness. At the outset we encounter the tension between a translation … Continue reading

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An Inquiry

I was recently asked the question, “Who is your target audience?” Considering the widely divergent nature of my posts (daily events, flash cards, LXX), that is a fair question. It might be better to answer that by providing my purpose for … Continue reading

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