Work for the day.

For all interested, spell check does not exist. Well…it does…just not for Koine Greek. The result? I spent the first 3-4 hours of my day individually checking each flash card for Metzger’s list. To what end? I believe I have eliminated most of the major errors…no cards left out and no longer are definitions incorrectly paired with Greek words. I ask you, the user, to make me away of any other misspellings or misplaced diacritical marks.

Despite this major overhaul, I have started my development of the uses from 1-9 in the New Testament. I have decided to separate all proper nouns into its own list (thanks to Nathaniel Cooley for advice on this matter). How far have I progressed? Ha! I have gotten through Matthew chapters 1-10.

On that note, I am thinking that I will save each book as a separate unit as I compile the complete list. This way the student who is studying a specific book in the NT will not get bogged down with all the vocabulary. Instead, he/she is able to learn the 1-9 vocabulary for that specific book. If Metzger is learned (as it should be after the fourth semester) [hey…don't judge me for the fact that I am still working through the list myself.  Yes…I know I have taken at least 8 semesters of Greek, I said don't judge] then this should make work through any particular book manageable.

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