My Flash Cards

As I promised last night, I have completed the flash card lists for the following:

  1. Dr. David Black’s Grammar
  2. Metzger’s list from 10-500+ uses in the NT,
  3. and a frequency list of 100-8000+ uses within the LXX.

As you can see, Jazz got a little impatient with me taking so long and demanded that I find some way to accommodate her.  Here she is hanging out with me while I work.

You can find the cards here Remember, if you have an ipod touch or ipad, you can download the application flashcardlet from the app store, free of charge. Trust me, after the amount of money I have spent of useless flashcard apps, this is a steal of a deal.


  1. A frequency list from 1-10 uses in the NT,
  2. Hebrew frequency list based on Mitchell.
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