1. I began reading A.W. Tozer’s The Pursuit of God for a second time today. I read it many years ago but am now revisiting it as a part of my ordination requirements within the C&MA. While I do not believe the book accurately reflects the cultural milieu in which we find ourselves today, its resounding call for orthopraxis is a timeless message. As Christians we are not simply called to subscribe to the party line or a list of right doctrines, though this indeed is of great importance. We are to ardently seek after God. As Christians, we must taste and see that God is good.
  2. I meet with my ordination coach today at 11:30. Let’s hope all goes well.
  3. I finally finished one complete cycle through Metzger’s entire vocabulary list. 87% correct. That’s 881/1066. Only 185 words left to learn. Time to buckle down.
  4. I’m slowly making my way through the vocabulary in Matthew. This project may take a while. Understatement much? I think so.
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