An Inquiry

I was recently asked the question, “Who is your target audience?” Considering the widely divergent nature of my posts (daily events, flash cards, LXX), that is a fair question. It might be better to answer that by providing my purpose for this blog.

I have three purposes in writing on this blog:

  1. An act of discipline: writing on a daily basis will teach me to write with a great economy of words and will help me improve my style. It will also force me to evaluate the way I spend my time. If I haven’t written a post for the day, it most likely means that I didn’t have anything worthy of mention and by extension I have wasted a day.
  2. I intend that those interested be able to peer into my head on any given day. So in a sense, this is a public journal.
  3. Finally, I intend to provide brief summaries of the research/reading I do throughout the week. I realize that this might become overbearing for the causal reader. I am including them as much for me as it is for the chance reader that is interested in my current reading. Writing these summaries will serve the purposes of a robust annotated bibliography for further research and formal writing.

ἐνθύμησις means “the content of thinking, a thought, or opinion.” So sure, in a way I would relate the overall product of the blog with Penses. I am not presumptuous in thinking that it will share any similarity to Pascal’s work with the exception one possible exception: what will make it on the blog will simply be the byproduct of my thoughts for the day. My hope is that you might discover you share some of my interests and that it will benefit you in some way.

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