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Directionality in Jonah

The book of Jonah plays with the concept of directionality. God’s command to arise, “ἀνάστηθι,” is paired with Jonah’s initial complicity in 1:3a, “ἀνέστη,” “and he arose.” This is contrasted with Jonah’s downward movement. He goes down, “κατέβη,” into Joppa … Continue reading

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Jonah and Nineveh or Nineveh and Sodom

Here is a footnote [and by footnote, I mean a full page that will probably get cut out but saved for a more relevant paper] from my forthcoming paper [and by forthcoming, I just mean my term paper] on the … Continue reading

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The Travesty of Translation

Okay, the title of this post might be overstating my case a bit, but I find myself growing ever so weary of Septuagint Jonah’s translator. Overall he does a rather fine job. But some of the literary artistry is destroyed … Continue reading

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The Septuagint and Ezekiel 4:12-13

Tonight in my seminar on the Prophets we covered Ezekiel chapter 4. There there were many things I found of interest in this passage, I want to hone in on verses 12-13. Before we get there, let me give you … Continue reading

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Translation as Interpretation: A Brief Look at Hosea

A mantra among many Septuagint scholars is that all translation is interpretation. Few scholars would disagree with this notion. Many will disagree with the degree of interpretation that takes place in a translation or what constitutes significant interpretation. But few … Continue reading

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SBL Chicago in Hindsight: A Student’s Perspective

SBL Chicago was quite the experience. I was able to go back to the city where it all started. In 2004 I set out from my parent’s home in North Carolina in order to attend Moody Bible Institute. At the … Continue reading

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Deuterocanonical Books and Beyond

The third and final meeting of the International Organization fro Septuagint and Cognate Studies was held last Tuesday. The topic of study, as I am sure you have already deduced, was “Deuterocanonical Books and Beyond.” Karen Jobes Presiding Robert Hiebert … Continue reading

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LXX Pentateuch, Clitics, and Larry Perkins

Yesterday was the first IOSCS (International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies) seminar of the conference. This session, and subsequent sessions like it, is what I have been looking forward to. Dr. Larry Perkins presented on the interpretive significance of … Continue reading

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Struggling to Remain Disciplined

Yesterday I went up to Southeastern’s library in order to put the finishing touches on my Annotated Bibliography.  While I wouldn’t say that intellectual rigor was necessary for this project, discipline certainly was.  Day in and day out I read … Continue reading

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Bibliographical Research: A Brief Update (07-07-12)

Over the past ten days I have been hard at work developing an annotated bibliography.  This assignment does not require me to read all the resources I annotate.  Instead, I am required to get a general sense of the material, … Continue reading

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