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Unrealistic Resolution #1

My goal is to have all these books read and reviewed (or discussed on the blog) before the beginning of the new semester. Be on alert for a blaze of productivity . . . .

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What Happens When Dad Studies the OT?

Yesterday, Mary Beth and I went to Goodwill to pick up some books for baby Elijah. We came across The Story of Jonah: An Alice in Bibleland Storybook.  Of course, yours truly read through the story before buying. I wasn’t surprised … Continue reading

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A Hearty Thank You

Yesterday was my birthday. One of Mary Beth’s gifts to me was a new, birch, floor-to-ceiling bookcase (92″ x 42″ x 12″). It is gorgeous. As I loaded the shelves with the books I have downstairs, a rather pithy thought … Continue reading

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On Tap for Today

Read A.J. Culp’s Puzzling Portraits: Seeing the Old Testament’s Confusing Characters as Ethical Models and begin work on a review. Work on Chyrsostom project. I am almost finished with providing the vocabulary for reading 5. Work on memorizing the Greek text of … Continue reading

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A Latin Scholar in the Making

Little Elijah is determined to start early. We were sitting together and he started reaching for my Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin. There’s gotta be something to say for knowing what you want to do early in life.

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My Breakfast Nook

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I went on a bit of a Greek resources rampage. In good historic fashion, however, Romans have conquered the Greeks. I don’t think that this was what Mary Beth had in mind when she told … Continue reading

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The Case for the Psalms: A Review

N.T. Wright’s A Case for the Psalms: Why They Are Essential is a quick and pleasant read. Atypical of books written by scholars on  the Psalms, Wright does not spend time digging into the intricacies of Hebrew poetry, the nature of … Continue reading

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I apologize to my faithful readers. I haven’t had much time to blog recently. Sometimes that means that I haven’t been very productive. That is not the case this semester. I have been busy working away on countless projects (personal, … Continue reading

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An Afternoon Date

This afternoon Mary Beth and I took a little time out of the day for ourselves. We went up to Chapel Hill to one our favorite places in the area: The Bookshop. A better selection of used books at a … Continue reading

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New Knowledge: An Alienating Force

[[This message has been approved by the family matriarch: ἀγαπῶ σε]] My wife loves storytelling. For those of you who know her, you know that she has a flair for the dramatic. Hyperbole, she knows well. Brevity, she does not. … Continue reading

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