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Weekend Update

I took this weekend off from paper writing in order to travel up to Baltimore. Destination? St. Mary’s Seminary for the Eastern Regional ETS meeting. I travelled up and stayed with Nigusse and Dr. Black. I thought I might give … Continue reading

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Absence and Lexham Bible Dictionary

I wanted to make a brief apology to my readers. Last week I contracted with Logos to write some articles for the Lexham Bible Dictionary. Almost all of my time has been diverted from Latin, Greek, Jonah, and blogging in … Continue reading

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Stair Climber Extraordinaire

My six month old Elijah was crawling around this morning. He found his way to the stairs. Typically he likes to camp out around that area as there is a doorstop he loves playing with. All of a sudden, the … Continue reading

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The Joy, Frustration, and Fear of Having a Child

This evening I experienced a mixture of three emotions: joy, frustration, and fear. I’m quite certain my experience is not unique. For many of you, this might bring back memories. Elijah soaks up everything I do. He watches me intently. … Continue reading

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Starting Anew

It’s time. It’s time for a new Bible. I’ve had my ESV since 2004. I bought it when I was a Freshman at Moody Bible Institute. It has been a constant companion since. Over the years, the daily wear and … Continue reading

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2013 in Hindsight

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on some of this years highlights. Helped Dr. Hudgins and Dr. Black set up the Greek Portal. Became a research assistant for my advisor Dr. David Alan Black, the Dr. M.O. … Continue reading

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Unrealistic Resolution #1

My goal is to have all these books read and reviewed (or discussed on the blog) before the beginning of the new semester. Be on alert for a blaze of productivity . . . .

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