On Tap for Today

  • Read A.J. Culp’s Puzzling Portraits: Seeing the Old Testament’s Confusing Characters as Ethical Models and begin work on a review.
  • Work on Chyrsostom project. I am almost finished with providing the vocabulary for reading 5.
  • Work on memorizing the Greek text of Philippians. I currently have Philippians 1:1-3 memorized.
  • Go to see “A Christmas Carol.”
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3 Responses to On Tap for Today

  1. Dave Black says:

    Memorizing Philippians in Greek? Awesome! How many verses do you plan to do a week/month? Can you share with us your schedule?

    • jacobcerone says:

      Sadly, I can offer nothing concrete. For the time being, this is all I can say
      1) I started the task yesterday.
      2) I learned the first three verses (granted, these were pretty easy).
      3) I set aside a dedicated 30 mins to the task each day.
      4) Throughout the day, when driving, cooking, feeding Elijah, I go through the verses I have already memorized.

      I plan on blogging about my progress and the realistic goals I have set after I have a better understanding of my capacity to memorize Greek.

  2. Dave Black says:

    Looking forward to it! Thanks!

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