My Breakfast Nook

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I went on a bit of a Greek resources rampage. In good historic fashion, however, Romans have conquered the Greeks.


I don’t think that this was what Mary Beth had in mind when she told me to get all my Greek books out of the kitchen. There just isn’t a better place to hold the baby and translate simultaneously.

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4 Responses to My Breakfast Nook

  1. Mark Stevens says:

    Bold move having your books so close to water! 😉

  2. Dave Black says:

    Once saw this over a kitchen sink:

    “Divine services performed here three times daily.”

    May the distinction between sacred and secular forever be abolished!

    • jacobcerone says:

      That distinction has been long abolished in our “kitchen.” It has become a multipurpose room: meal prep, eating, devotions, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek translation, writing, praying, hosting, baby play area. If it wasn’t for the need of storage space, we wouldn’t need the rest of the house.

      More to the point, though, I heartily agree. All space is God’s space. Let us worship and glorify him in all things: wherever we are, whenever, and with whatever he has given.

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