An Afternoon Date

This afternoon Mary Beth and I took a little time out of the day for ourselves. We went up to Chapel Hill to one our favorite places in the area: The Bookshop.2012-04-19_19-20-01_125

A better selection of used books at a good price you will not find. Mary Beth likes to peruse the Mystery section. She picked up a couple of volumes by Agatha Christie. Can you guess where yours truly migrated? I found my way to the Linguistics section, the Religion section, and the Classic.

Sadly, I didn’t find anything helpful in the Linguistics department. There were a couple of books by Chomsky, but currently I’m in the market for stuff explicitly on Discourse Analysis/Text Linguistics.

I did, on the other hand, find a couple of nice volumes in the Religion/Greek sections. There were a number of old copies of the Nestle Greek New Testament. No, I didn’t leave an author/editor out. These were dated before Aland got involved. As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t justify the cost/space.

I’m not sure how I justified the cost/space for an old copy of Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New

[Here’s a shot of the outside]photo-1

[Here is a look at the title page]

I am aware of the fact that Thayer’s work has been superseded by BDAG. I also know that Thayer is largely regarded as obsolete due to that fact that it was written before the discovery of the papyri. Yet, this is the 1889 edition. There’s just something about an old book.

After we finished our book shopping, we migrated to the no longer called Red Bicycle –now under new management and called The Market Street Cafe. Here’s Mary Beth reading her Agatha Christie short stories.


There is nothing like a cozy comfy coffee shop with good company and a good book. And no. I wasn’t reading Thayer. I knocked a third of Longacre’s The Grammar of Discourse.

And to top off an already enjoyable day with my lovely wife, I smell the scent of home cooked Daal wafting into my office. I would steal a bit before bed tonight, but I’m afraid the lentils won’t be done cooking until tomorrow morning.

Thank for a wonderful day and a meal to look forward to tomorrow love!

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