Biblical Greek in Context

Well, ETS/IBR/AAR/SBL came and went. I did my very best to show restraint when walking through the book exhibits. I think I did a pretty good job for the most part—took home 13 books and only had to buy two of them.

But, Peeters publishing house finally won out in the end. I couldn’t pass up this new volume in the Biblical Tools and Studies series.


Even so, I’m surprised I didn’t buy every volume they had in the series. But, as many of you know, Peeters—though not as bad as Brill—does not sell cheap books. Conference price for this gem was $50. Like I said, though, I couldn’t pass it up. Which brings me to a very important lesson I’ve learned about myself:


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3 Responses to Biblical Greek in Context

  1. Craig Baugh says:

    Can’t even find this book on the Peeters web page. Guess it must be so new that it hadn’t made it into their own system. Definitely looks interesting. You don’t by any chance have an ordering phone number on the receipt, do ya? I didn’t make it to the annual meeting this year Thanks

    • jacobcerone says:

      Yeah…I think they were even a bit surprised it got printed in time for the conference. The catalog said forthcoming and the Peeters family (father, mother, and son) didn’t even know the price—that is until the last day. I’ll try and remember to post here when it goes up on Amazon and include a link within the original post.

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