QOTD: 1 Clement on the Resurrection

ἡμέρα καὶ νὺξ ἀνάστασιν ἡμῖν δηλοῦσιν· κοιμᾶται ἡ νύξ, ἀνίσταται ἡ ἡμέρα· ἡ ἡμέρα ἄπεισιν, νὺξ ἐπέρχεται.

Night and day reveal to us the resurrection. The night sleeps; the day arises. The day goes away; night comes.

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1 Response to QOTD: 1 Clement on the Resurrection

  1. KL says:

    Interesting info structure there. Two last assertions each have topical element fronted. It’s interesting that the writer felt the need to do that. But then, maybe you’d just say it’s chiastic. 😉 the final four propositions, that is…

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