Whale Watching

As promised, here are some of the shots from our whale watching excursion. We started off in Bellingham, went to San Juan Island (Friday Harbor), and made the return voyage. I will say, I was a bit disappointed with the adventure. For a whale watching cruise, there was a lot of cruising and very little whale watching (a grand total of ~6mins for an 8+ hr excursion). Nevertheless, here we go:


Grandparents were spoiling him with brownies. Doesn’t he look pleased with himself.


Ich und meine Frau. Sitting at the Bow of the ship.


We found a window to peak our heads out of and none other than grandpa was down on the deck snapping pics.


A couple ocras surfacing.


Three whale coming up to the surface. We even got them blowing out water.


Um . . . cool looking rock.


 Here’s a hangout spot for bachelor sea lions. No, seriously, all the sea lions that can’t win a harem for themselves find refuge on an island together. They aren’t allowed to rejoin the pack.

A short video of the whales swimming about looking for something to eat.

Here is a very shaky video of the sea lions doing their thing.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more adventures in Washington. I’m certain we will be doing something outdoors with a gorgeous view.

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