Vancouver: Day 2

Day two was filled with a beautiful combination of man’s ingenuity and God’s glorious creation. I’m speaking of the Capilano Suspension Bridge, cliff bridge, and tree adventure.

IMG_4471(Here’s a look at the suspension bridge)


(My brave and beautiful bride crossing the bridge. For the record, it was not a particularly “comfortable” crossing. The height wasn’t at all a problem. More of a problem was the feeling of being on a boat in stormy weather surrounded by hundreds of people, except suspended 240 feet in the air …. Even my stomach turned here and there.)


(A shot of the cliff from the bridge.)

IMG_4479(Treetop adventure bridge.)


(My parents on the treetop bridge.)


(Mary Beth doing her best to not look down.)

IMG_4498 IMG_1910 IMG_1914

(Elijah told us that it was not fair that we got to walk around and have our adventure. He insisted it was his turn to do some es’ploring.)


(Here we are as a family.)


(The need for water and sunlight is pretty serious.)


(Don’t falllllllllllllllll)


(Yeah, just a mini water fall.)

IMG_4609(Here’s a look at the cliff walk from above.)

That’s all for today, folks. Stay tuned tomorrow for Whale Watching. I might even have a video for you so you can watch along.

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