Cicero via Wheelock

This coming semester I will be working through Wheelock’s Latin once again. It is the required textbook for my Theological Latin course at SEBTS. Hopefully the vocabulary and paradigms will stick a bit better this time around. One thing Wheelock does well is incorporating a bit of humor within the lesson/exercises. Here is an except I found amusing:

“Exercitus noster est magnus,” Persicus inquit, “et propter numerum sagittarum nostrarum caelum non videbitis!” Tum Lacedaemonius respondet: “In umbra, igitur, pugnabimus!”

“Our army is great,” says the Persian, “and on account of the number of our arrows, you will not be able to see the sky!” Then a Spartan replies, “Therefore, we will fight in the shade!”

Cicero Tusc 1.42.101 via Wheelock p. 45

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