QOTD: Chrysostom on Pity

Βασκαίνεις, ὅτι ὁ δεῖνα πλουτεῖ; Καὶ μὴν ἐλέους καὶ δακρύων ἄξιος, ὁ τοιοῦτος. Ἀλλ᾽ ἐρεῖς εὐθέως γελῶν· Ἐγὼ δακρύων ἄξιος, οὐκ ἐκεῖνος. Δακρύων ἄξιος καὶ σύ, οὐχ ὅτι πένῃ ἀλλὰ διὰ τὸ σεαυτὸν ἐλεεινὸν εἶναι νομίζειν.

Are you bewitched (envious) because someone is rich? No, You should not be. This person is worthy of pity and tears. But you will say while laughing, “I am worthy of tears, not that person.” Indeed you are worthy of tears, but not because you are poor. You are worthy of tears because you think yourself to be pitiable.

-John Chrysostom

Homily III, Migne v. 62

my translation

As a reminder, I will start posting readings from Chrysostom on December 31, 2013. The first reading will be morphologically tagged. Subsequent readings will be in a “reader’s” format. Words occurring 20x or less in the NT will be accompanied by footnotes. I look forward to reading through his homilies together.

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