Free: Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek

Today I will be giving away a free copy of David Alan Blacks’ Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek. If you are a student of New Testament Greek, this resource is a must have. I know that it has been a great benefit in my own studies of the language.

To win: Tell me about why you study Greek in the comments section. Contest ends at 8:00AM tomorrow morning.

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8 Responses to Free: Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek

  1. Mammen Samuel, India. says:

    I failed in Greek the first time around (2003), was miserable at it. I took a fresh shot at it in 2013 and finally managed to get A-. Now when i look back, i wanted to get back to Greek because i did not want anyone else to make interpretative decisions for me. I wanted to translate the text myself and understand the author intended meaning. I am much happier with my decision to get back to Greek.

  2. I have a desire to learn greek because I feel that my hispanic congregation would benefit much for the treasures that can be unearthed doing exegesis in the original languages. I see that more and more hispanic pastors are getting into the originals…however, most of the time I see what seems like a misuse of the original languages to seem like they have acquired some kind of hidden/secret knowledge or broken some kind of bible code.

    • TWH says:


      Amén, hermano! No hay llave mágica con el griego. Nuestra tarea es explicar lo que dice la Palabra de Dios, con fidelidad y precisión. Creo que podemos hacer esto sin mencionar la palabra “griego” en nuestros púlpitos. La última cosa que queremos hacer es comunicar a nuestras congregaciones que no pueden confiar sus traducciones o, peor, que tenemos algún conocimiento que nos permite, y sólo nosotros, saber lo que la Biblia “realmente” significa. Gracias, hermano.


  3. Kyle says:

    I study Greek so as not to squander the education and opportunities I have to teach and preach from the text.

    And because reading in English is like making sweet tea from instant powders…

  4. Joel Conley says:

    Not sure if my post went through… Short version I study Greek to better understand Gods word, in order to know Him better

  5. JP says:

    My reasons for studying NT Greek are both personal and for ministry. I first took NT Greek my senior year in college in 1995 and considered the possibility of going to seminary. The class was enjoyable, and I learned a great deal about the text of the NT and how Greek could enable one to more greatly appreciate the revelation of God. Though I did not go to seminary, I was still engaged in ministry but let me Greek lag behind. Now, 18 years later, God has opened the door for me to pastor, and I have begun to return to the study of his word in Greek. Though there are several reasons I have purchased Dr. Black’s text and workbook (it’s well organized, and you use it in your videos), the main reason is Dr. Black’s insistence on believers making disciples. His emphasis on the language of the NT has not skewed the main purpose of the church – to go and make disciples. In short, I want to learn not only from his example, but the tools he has used to help him accomplish the work that Our Lord has given us.

  6. jacobcerone says:

    Our winner, chosen at random, is Maestro Abraham Armenta! Email me at with your address and the book will be in the mail this afternoon.

    I am encouraged by all of your responses. The overwhelming message was, “I want to be a faithful disciple and expositor of God’s word.” I couldn’t agree more. I pray that you all will, with the grace of God, accomplish that task.

  7. nelson says:

    i thank God for this golden opportunity for both lecturers and students. i am a lecturer of both biblical Hebrew and Greek. one of the problems i noticed in my years of lectureship is that most of us do not have in-depth understanding in Linguistics and therefore we tear the language apart, thereby not helping our students some even kill the interest in student. i think this book is a must read book for all an-sundry. thank you.

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