Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha: It Could Be Yours

Today I am giving away a copy of the 2 Volume set of the Pseudepigrapha, which is edited by Charlesworth. I am also throwing in a copy of the Apocrypha. The books are lightly used, as are all the books I have and will give away. On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all these volumes (cover to cover) for an independent study with Dr. Tracy McKenzie. My task was to comb the Dead Sea Scrolls, Pseudepigrapha, and Apocrypha to find references to the Gentile inclusion in God’s covenant with Israel. While the material in these books is non-canonical from a Protestant perspective, it is fascinating and eye-opening to see how early interpreters tried to make sense of perceived difficulties in the texts and to see how they have applied biblical texts to their own contexts.

Amazon’s product description for the Pseudepigrapha is as follows:

Key second-temple texts with introductions and notes by an international team of scholars– now available in affordable softcover bindings.

The writers of the Bible lived in a world filled with many writings. Some of these documents are lost forever, but many have been preserved. Part of these extant sources are the Pseudepigrapha. This collection of Jewish and Christian writings shed light in early Judaism and Christianity and their doctrines.

This landmark set includes all 65 Pseudepigraphical documents from the intertestamental period that reveal the ongoing development of Judaism and the roots from which the Christian religion took its beliefs. A scholarly authority on each text contributes a translation, introduction, and critical notes for each text. Volume 1 features apocalyptic literature and testaments. Volume 2 includes expansions of the “Old Testament”: legends, wisdom, and philosophical literature; prayers, psalms, and odes; and fragments of lost Judeo-Hellenistic Works.

For this contest, you are free to enter in any way that lets me know that you want the books.

  1. Tweet with @ceronej in your message with the link to this post (or without it).
  2. Email me at
  3. Like the post
  4. Comment in the comments section of the post

I hope to hear from you, and if you wind up being the lucky winner, I hope that these volumes will further your intellectual and spiritual growth.

[[edit: I forgot to include an end date/time. This giveaway will end this Friday at 12:00PM]]

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5 Responses to Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha: It Could Be Yours

  1. Yeah, bubby! Count me in for this giveaway! This is pretty much a goldmine, as far as I’m concerned.

    Any thoughts as to when you might decide a winner?

  2. Dan O. says:

    This would be a great addition to my book shelves.

  3. Kyle Talbot says:

    I would like to read those. They could help me in my learning!

  4. Dustin says:

    I’m passing today in hopes it will gain me more credit on a day I do want the books!

  5. jacobcerone says:

    Congrats to Dan O. Email me your mailing address and I will send the books along.

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