Old Fashion Shaving Kit

photoOver the past couple days Mary Beth has been giving me Christmas presents. She often selects an individual to do 12 days of Christmas for, and this year it was me. Today marked the last in a series of gifts she has been giving me. I received a Double Edge shaving razor. As you can see in the picture, some of the other shaving gifts she gave me include a badger hair brush, stand, shaving soap, and aftershave.

This may seem quaint to many of you, and I will admit that it is to a certain degree, but it is quite the experience. I have always hated shaving. I am sure many of you know this by the fact that I will often walk around with about a week’s worth of stubble before I get around to shaving it. This is partly because the regular commercial razors will give me insufferable razor burn, which irritates the skin to such an extent that I will break out.

The razor is a tad tricky to operate. Too much pressure, the wrong angle, or a hasty stroke will cut your face up pretty good, but patience will produce the smoothest shave you’ve ever had, and a very happy wife.

I could bore you a little longer talking about shaving, but instead, I would like to thank Mary Beth for always being kind and loving. I love you dear.

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1 Response to Old Fashion Shaving Kit

  1. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while. I can’t stand the popular razors that wear out after a few shaves but are crazy expensive to replace.

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