The First Weekend of June

Well, it is the first weekend of June and it has already been a whirlwind of one.

Friday: Started Bibliographical Research course and immediately checked out this stack of resources.

Saturday Morning: Dad Massengill helped finish installing power and lights in the pantry.

Saturday Morning an hour later: We got an unexpected call from friends that moved back to Virginia asking if they could crash at our place over the weekend.  I cannot express how happy we were to oblige!

Saturday Afternoon:  We cleaned the downstairs and upstairs.  I don’t remember a time the house has been cleaner.

Sunday Afternoon:  I spent the afternoon tilling the rest of the bakyard, raking out the dead grass and weeds, planting new seed, and putting out fertilizer.

Sunday Evening: And now for dinner with wonderful friends.

Oh…and on a final note, here is a shot of the recently germinated grass (the grass I planted about a week and a half ago).

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1 Response to The First Weekend of June

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Look at that delicious kale salad. Your wife must be a good cook! (also, the yard looks awesome you rock! thank you!)

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